Road Trip: Wayne County OH (Wooster-near) Day 2

A few weeks back - I headed up to Wooster, OH & Wayne County and made some new friends (Green Door Mediaworks) and got to explore the town and the county. You can check out my first day shopping here and eating here - as well as a previous trip to learn about Certified Angus Beef here

So far in Wooster, I shopped in town and then ate some big cow. For Day 2 - we had a lot more shopping to get done... In the top left - are some of my finds from Lehman's Amish Store, bottom left - my visit to the Smuckers store, top right - some fantastic socks I found in downtown Wooster, bottom right  - more Lehmans. I was so excited by all my finds!!

First - the socks - I found them at a little shop in Wooster - I laughed so hard when I saw them! I have a couple girlfriends that just got laid off from their jobs and knew they would appreciate the humor - which they did. They weren't cheap - but they were well worth the $10 price tag for the laughs we had over them.

Our first stop was the Secrest Arboretum - we had plenty of fun Ryan Seacrest jokes during our visit. We all got a chuckle about driving through and seeing all the plants in bloom in DECEMBER. The holly was pretty much the only thing in bloom - but in the Spring & Summer - I'm sure it's beautiful.

They gave us a golf cart tour of the place - IN DECEMBER. Luckily one of our tour guides had an army blanket in their truck. So there I was - huddled in it - looking like a homeless person or E.T. trying to phone home - but hey - I didn't care - I wasn't freezing like they were!!!

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They have a huge slide at the Arboretum - nearly everybody went down it - finally I was like - aw hell - I might as well too. Needless to say - my trip was a little slower than everybody else - but it was still fun. I'm glad I did it for sure!

Next up was our trip to Lehman's Amish Store in Kidron, OH. It was started to provide goods to the Amish but now it's blown up and pretty much everybody in the area shops there. They have a little of everything - much of it geared toward living a "simpler life".

They had so many fun things - a huge soda pop section with crazy flavors like Dog Drool and Kickapoo. There were lanterns and plates in every color. Delicious foods - like those chocolate & caramel covered popcorn & potato chips in the bottom right. If you've ever wanted to can - anything - this is the place to go - they even had a Green Bean Frencher! Who knew?! They even sell canned pork - which I nearly bought - but it was $10! They also have a huge selection of gifts, simple toys and so much more!

They gave me a few things - like Sugar Stick candy, cherry limeaid, a mini cast iron skillet and popping corn.

While I made some purchases of my own: wool dryer balls (to use instead of dryer sheets - THEY REALLY WORK!), an Amish basket for my mother-in-law, state cookie cutters for my mom, soda and probably some other fun stuff.

If you live in the area - Lehman's is an obvious regular stop but if you're in the area - it's definitely worth a visit. The folks that run the place are great too - you can ask questions of anyone and they're super helpful - unless you act like a tourist - then they put you in their jail (just kidding) - plus they have a cafe inside if you get hungry!

And apparently the folks in Wayne County have taught their dogs how to drive! He's so cute!

Right across the street from Lehman's is Quince Bakery & Cafe and we were starving!

They had a tasty menu and everybody was focused on lunch - but I couldn't help but focus on their breakfast menu - and their bakery - I mean look at this:

What the hell???? 


A couple folks got the Wanda - Chipped Ham & Bologna with Colby Jack Cheese and Apple Cider Barbeque Sauce on Cuban Bread ($5.99). It looked so good and I was definitely drooling over it. 

I saw the Masterpiece on the breakfast menu and had to try it - Egg*, Sausage, and Hash Browns topped with Cheese & Kiepple Gravy on a House Biscuit - all for $4.99!! I mean - it looked a hot mess but I couldn't wait to dig in. My friends at Green Door were drooling over it! 

I wasn't really sure what Kiepple was - but from what they told me - it's similar to goetta. Their hashbrown was so delicious too - it was completely homemade and fresh. 

Next up was P. Graham Dunn which is a manufacturer of home goods - many of which have a religious slant to them. They create the ideas and manufacturer wood signs of every shape and size - along with having home decor items of all kinds. It's a very cool place to visit. 

Many of their workers are Amish - they said that's how they can maintain the quality they have had for years. Since they don't drive - the store sends a van around to pick up and drop off the workers every day. They definitely accommodate their work force because of how great their work ethic is.

They also can personalize signs, frames and a million other things with their laser machines. 

It was pretty cool and the generous folks at P. Graham let us each pick out something that we wanted to get personalized to take home with us. I chose this wood wall hanging and got our initials and wedding date lasered into it. It came out great and I love it! This goes for just $23 - which is a great deal too! (Their online shop is huge!!) 

Our last stop was the wonderland known as Smuckers! The thing you may not know about Smuckers is they own a ton of brands!!! It's a wonderland of products as you walk around the store and really fun.

Just a quick look around - Folgers, Dickinson's, Hungry Jack, Pillsbury, Cafe Bustelo, Milk Bones and so much more. I had no idea - it's a virtual food empire!!

We tried this great pepper & onion relish by Dickinson's - it was so good! They mixed it with cream cheese for a quick appetizer and man - it was tasty! I made sure to get some to take home! 

They also have fun interactive things like this little holiday photo set up - then you can get your picture taken and put on a jar of Smucker's Jelly to take home! Chad from Greenworks decided to be dorks pretty much all weekend - and posed for our photo. :-)

Then I got tickled by the Pillsbury dough boy - yes he's tickling me - someone thought I was trying to steal him??? Uh no - he's bolted down and a little heavy.

I had a good haul at the Smucker's store too - Folgers & Smuckers scented pens, a cute "short & sweet" t-shirt for my mom, new Smuckers Fruit & Honey jam, Dickinson's Lemon Curd (I love lemon curd), a dog toy, Snausages and more! I felt like I spent a lot of money but of the three bloggers - I spent the least - so I was pretty proud of my personal restraint. :-) 

If you can't tell by this marathon post - this was a LONG day and after it - we drove the 3 hours back to Cincinnati!!! Thankfully - I was just a passenger of Krissy at All In A Days Work or I would have had to stop and begged for another night at the St. Paul Hotel

If you're looking for a great little weekend getaway - Wooster, OH and Wayne County are perfect! It's 3 hours from Cincinnati and has something for everyone. We had a blast on our trip and I can't wait to go back! Thanks again to Green Mediaworks, Main Street Wooster and Wayne County

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