Food Hussy Recipe: Weight Watchers 2-point Breakfast

I've been on Weight Watchers for a little while now - two months now - and it's not too bad. I've lost 15 pounds and this is the longest I've stuck with anything since the last time I lost 50 pounds. The sad part of that - I gained all 50 back + 50 more. So yeah - I have about 100 pounds to go on my weight loss journey. When you realize you weigh more than NFL linebackers - it's time to make some changes. 

That said - Weight Watchers works for me. A friend of mine and her husband lost a good deal of weight on Ideal Protein - but it's very restrictive and I know me - that just won't work for me. I'm not good with restrictions. I like WW because I can technically eat anything I want - I just have to balance that with the points I have for the day. So when I'm having a bad day and I NEED Kraft Macaroni & Cheese - I can have it! One day I realized I'd only eaten 5 points in a day - so I ordered pizza for dinner! Man - that was some good pizza. 

If you're not familiar, you get a set number of "points" you can eat in a day and every food has a points value. I'm on the Smart Points iteration of WW (the calculators differ every now and then). 

I'm always trying to find ways eat a few more things with a few less points. Breakfast is tough for me - I find I have to eat breakfast now - but I have a hunger for all things fast food. So I've tried to combat that with making a filling breakfast at home...

It all starts with vegetables for me - I really love them and they're filling. So first I saute them but only use cooking spray - you have to spray it a couple of times to get them cooked. I start with a spray to get it going - and then add a quick spray to the top when they're about half-way cooked.

For veggies - I like to throw in whatever is in the fridge - my favorites are grape tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers and broccoli.

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After the veggies - it's two simple ingredients:

1. Egg Beaters - these are 0 points for 1/4 cup and that's a little more than 1 egg if you're comparing. They have regular & southwestern varieties  - the SW is just a little zingier.
2. Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Patties - these are pre-cooked and come in little packets of 2. I find for breakfast - I really just need 1 patty. 1 patty is 1 point, 2 is 3 points.

So technically - this is a 1 point breakfast - but I figure by the time I put all the 0 points together - there's probably another point in there.

Have you tried Weight Watchers? Do you have any great low point breakfasts?

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