Food Hussy Recipe: Kitchen Sink Dip & Pinwheels

New Years Eve is just around the corner and we are always wanting something new to make - so I decided to open the fridge and just make something brand new and I decided to create with a dual purpose dip! 

As with many things - I kitchen sink it - which basically means I open the fridge and find anything that will work with what I have in mind. The nice thing about this is that all the items are probably in your fridge right now - and if not - substitute something that is!  

Before Christmas the folks at Keystone Meats reached out to me to see if I would be interested in trying their canned meat. I've seen these products at the Amish market and had to try it. They sent me a can of chicken and a can of beef - so I thought the chicken would be good for this.

It seems odd at first - but truly the chicken is no different than buying canned chicken in the tuna area - it's just cooked chicken breast. I'm not saying I would cook this up and eat it for dinner with potatoes and corn - but as an ingredient in dip - it's perfect. It is in a brothy mixture but I just drained that out.

With the chicken, I combined cream cheese, bacon bits, cojack cheese, ranch seasoning mix, chopped bell pepper (the orange) and chopped pickle (or relish). 

This makes a great big bowl of what I call Kitchen Sink Dip. You truly could add salsa instead of pickles and ranch, you could add green olives instead of pickles or cheddar instead of cojack - really just whatever you have in the fridge.

Now what do we do with this deliciousness? Well that's the thing I like is that it's multi-use! You can use it as a chip dip or a pinwheel dip!

Someone else thought it would be tasty too - because Mysty was BEGGING for a bite. She just sat there so well behaved - which is a rarity!

I also took the dip and used it as a schmear on a tortilla and then did a rollup - and sliced it into pinwheels. It's pretty thick - so you have to have a sturdy chip - or if your chips are flimsy - then roll her up! 

I love making a dip like this the night before - it really sets up overnight and the flavors meld together. You could also leave the chicken out of this and have a vegetarian dip! 

I hope you enjoy this dip - it's a great New Years Eve option - since you can use it as a dip or a pinwheel - I hope you enjoy! 

Kitchen Sink Dip

- 1 cup canned chicken breast - drained and diced
- 8-12 oz cream cheese 
- 1 cup shredded cojack cheese
- 1 tablespoon ranch seasoning mix
- 1/4 cup bacon bits 
- 1/3 cup bell pepper, small dice
- 1/4 cup pickle, small dice 

Mix all ingredients together and refrigerate. 


- add salsa instead of pickles and ranch
- add green olives or relish instead of pickles
- add cheddar instead of cojack

Alt use: Spread 1/3 cup dip on a tortilla, roll and slice for Kitchen Sink Pinwheels!

And hey - you can try the Keystone canned meat for yourself! Enter below to win 2 cans for free!

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