Food Hussy Review: Litehouse Dressings & Bouquet

This post is sponsored by Litehouse Dressing but all opinions are my own.

Last week was a pretty bomb week - for one reason - I got invited to have dinner at Bouquet in Covington and hang out with my blogging hussies! Does it get any better? 

We were invited by Litehouse Foods - they're the ones that have the dressing in the refrigerated area  near the produce. I mean - kinda makes sense - why would you buy dressing that's not with the vegetables?! Litehouse has great dressings, dips, cheeses and herbs.

I've actually tried Litehouse before and made some great shrimp tacos with their dressing and herbs!

Bouquet is a quaint little place right in Mainstrasse and I've heard such great things about them - I was very excited to get to go! There's a large public parking lot behind the restaurant that is free after 6pm. :-)

The folks from Litehouse had veggies and fruits with our names as placecards. Somehow I got the mini pineapple - um ADORABLE! Everybody was jealous of me. We were going to have shared apps, get a cooking demo, then choose our entree and share dessert. So a good night of eats was afoot! Pretty sure you guys will all know which entree I chose!

The appetizers were very veggie friendly - first we had a crostini with slaw on top. It was crunchy and crispy and light!

We also had cucumber with a spot of guacamole (maybe?) and a pickled red onion. I'm realizing that all my favorite foods have pickled red onion on them. I might need to learn how to pickle my own.

Then there's my favorite - I probably ate HALF of what was there. I'd only had chips and applesauce for lunch so I was getting the shakes - and this hit the spot. Pear, prosciutto and bleu cheese on a stick. I was scarfing them and totes didn't care what anybody thought. Sometimes simple is perfect. 

Then we got to learn a little more about Litehouse and have a cooking demonstration. Litehouse Dressings come in creamy (Ranch, Bleu, Thousand Island, Caesar), Vinaigrette (Sriracha Lime, Balsamic), Greek Yogurt (Coleslaw, Kalamata Feta) and Organic (Raspberry Lime, Ginger with Honey).

I didn't realize all the varieties - I mean - Avocado Ranch with Bacon?! Yes please!!!!

Our guest chef was Lisa Andrews - aka Nutrigirl! She has her own business where she gives nutritional lectures, does menu planning, diet counseling and she'll even go on a grocery store tour with you! She's a big fan of Litehouse and was making a salad for us. 

Lisa made us a nice salad with coleslaw mix, cucumber, apple and Litehouse Homestyle Ranch. It was really delicious and so simple! I would never think to add apple to the slaw but it was really great - I loved the added sweetness. Here's the recipe:

Litehouse Ranch Slaw

1 bag of cole slaw (10 oz)
2 pink lady apples, chopped
1 cucumber, chopped
1 cup Litehouse home style ranch
1/2 cup fresh mint, torn

Combine all ingredients and serve! 

But finally - we got to have some of the specialties that Bouquet had for us!

First up was a salad duo with a house salad and this amazing basil lentil salad with burnt carrots. We were able to have Litehouse Bleu Cheese and Litehouse Ranch to try both and see which we liked with what. I loved the Bleu on the basil lentil salad.

I loved the salad so much I have to break it down - first - the black lentils are so delicious! They're cooked but served cold and are just tiny little bites of crunchy yum - not crunchy like a chip - but just a pop and a bite. Next - burnt carrots. I'm kind of obsessed with them. They have them in a salad at Metropole and I just had them in Kroger's new meal kits. They're super easy to make and I actually made them tonight - cast iron pan - carrot discs - olive oil - go! So good!

And shocker - I chose the Hangar Steak! This is on their regular menu as well - it's served over asparagus, Sheltowee Farm mushroom and a garlic herb emulsion with a confit shallot on top. This was by far the best steak I've had in a very long time! It was the perfect medium rare and so delicious! (Lucky for you - it's on their regular menu! $28)

Seriously - nearly a week later - I'm still thinking about this steak!

Adventure Mom went for the Ora King Salmon (also on their menu but with Halibut). This is served with chickpea, kale, jasmin rice and a dill creme fraiche. She said it was really great as well. (But there's no way it was as good as my steak!)

We all managed to save a little room for dessert - you kinda have to - right?! First up was a PB&J brownie - wow! That was a great brownie with a dollop of peanut butter, a dollop of whipped cream and some jelly in the middle. The brownie was really great - I could have eaten a pan of those with the whipped cream!

And lastly we had strawberry creme brulee on a spoon! What a fun way to serve it - just a nice bite for us to finish off the evening.

One additional thing I love about Bouquet is that they do a price fixe tasting menu ($50 - wine pairing for additional $25). It's 5 courses and sounds amazing! Hopefully I can make it back to try this out.

This was a wonderful dinner and it was great to find out about all the great dressings that Litehouse Foods has to offer. Litehouse dressings are sold at Kroger, Meijer, Walmart and Target - so pretty much everywhere - and remember - they're in the refrigerated area with the produce!

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