Road Trip: Anniversary Weekend in Adams County

For our 7th Anniversary we wanted to get out of town for a bit - which entails a few things - finding a place to stay, creating a list of things to do, eating at new places and finding someone to take care of the dogs. So what does that mean? We've got a few posts to do! 

First up - was the easiest for me - we headed straight back to Cave Hill Log Cabin in Adams County. We visited earlier this year and loved it - so when we had a night open - we went straight to them. They were kind enough to give us one night of our two night stay for free! But we love it so much - it's worth the $$!

It's super peaceful, affordable and has a great story - it's an original Civil War-era log cabin. There's a nice front porch, three beds upstairs, satellite tv and lots of peace and quiet. Plus there's a fire pit and a cave to explore within walking distance.

Now my husband's request for the trip was to go back to that "cheap sandwich place" - which I knew was the soda fountain at Blake's Pharmacy & Hallmark Shop in West Union. One of the only true soda fountains left in Ohio - you won't be sorry when you go.

Our same friend waited on us and we picked up like we had just been there yesterday. Our order was simple and oh so affordable. We got 2 sandwiches (chicken salad and ham & cheese), 2 vanilla cokes and 2 chocolate shakes. Our bill was...$5.75. It's ridiculous and delicious. You need to go.

After we had our lunch - we headed to Serpent Mound. We had driven by before but this time we stopped because we were watching Ancient Aliens the night before and it seemed fitting. It's a gorgeous effigy mound and the speculation of who built it and why is very intriguing.

And it's also just pretty. There's a platform at the base that you can climb to the top of and get a birds eye view and it's striking for sure! A coworker said he hadn't been there since a field trip in 3rd grade - don't let that be you! Check it out again! ($8 per car)

We ventured out for dinner later and tried The Olde Wayside Inn - there's tons of history and a new owner and chef. Here's my full review for you to check out. I'm not sure why - but that baked potato just looks delicious - right? More to come...

 The next day we headed to Keim Family Market - it's much smaller than Millers but there's still some good finds. I got a new Amish basket - it's right beside my couch to hold my laptop and I love it! I also got some popcorn, veggie chips, licorice strings and salad dressing. Always fun to go - they also have all the brightly colored adirondacks - but there's no adorable girls making lemonade slushies like at Miller's. So guess what - check them both out!

After that we headed to Adams Lake State Park for a walk - along the path I spotted all these turtles sunning themselves on a rock. I kept creeping up and they kept jumping off - but these brave souls hung around for the photo opp. There were probably 10 on there when I started! Look at the super tiny one!!! So cute!

I also tried to get my Adventure Mom on - and by that I mean - take amazing photos of pretty things throughout the weekend. Sometimes I just see some really pretty stuff and I have to try. These seemed pretty cool to me - I hope you enjoy.

After that we had our second night at the Cave Hill Log Cabin. Our log cabin is so cozy and perfect for four. They have two other cabins as well - the Round Cabin and Dodge cabin. If you have a few more people (6-8) - these are for you!

All in all - we had a really nice time for our anniversary and loved Adams County. The nice thing is - it's also perfect for a day trip - so if you've got a day - head out and check it out!

Thanks to Patty at Cave Hill Log Cabin for the one night of our stay!

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