Best Dishes & Restaurants of 2017!

I've been to a lot of great restaurants in 2017 and wanted to end the year by sharing some of my favorites with you and give you a bucket list of places to go in 2018!

In no particular order, my 10 11 favorite dishes in 2017! (I went through the year and found 1 extra - had to add it! 

The LARP with pork at Lotus Pad is divine! It's a new farm-to-table 
restaurant near the movie theater that is not to be missed!!! 

Crazy Bowls is like Chipotle but fresh and healthier - this salad with grilled salmon is great and I can order online and walk there in 2 minutes to pick it up for lunch! 

This at-home dish is a bowl game staple but now you can get it in the restaurant! It's delicious and was served with pink chips for Breast Cancer Awareness. 

So this isn't a "restaurant" but you need to go see Jordan at Tablespoon. She taught me how to make the most delicious fried chicken I've ever had!! (and no eggs!) 

Sometimes the simpler, the better and that is the case with this old fashioned soda fountain in West Union. Bring $7 and you and a friend will be stuffed with sandwiches, chips and shakes (only $1). Plus - it's a great day trip! 

How could I leave my friends at Gold Star off the list? You'll have to wait until September for this one but don't miss it! Brown mustard, sauerkraut and Gold Star Chili get Oktoberfest started right!

These guys set up shop in the parking lot of the liquor store at Rt 28 & Branch Hill Guinea Pike all summer long on the weekends. Mark your calendars now and get there early! The mustard BBQ sauce in the baked beans is another treat and get the jalapeno poppers - if you're lucky enough for them to still be any left! 

This chain brunch place really wowed us with their food. It all tastes scratch-made and that queso was sooooooo good! The staff was super friendly too. 

Another favorite - I had a gift certificate to try it and loved it! I found it so much better than other sandwich places and will definitely go back. The lobster bisque was great too - big chunks of lobster!

This place keeps changing hands and names but if they stick with these tater tot waffles - you gotta go! There are many options and this was really good.

Maybe I saved the best for last - this was early in the year that I tried it but man oh man - this queso is the best in the city! And the furniture is so fun and bright - I'd love to swipe it for my house!

I hope you'll try some of these in 2018 and let me know your favorites and things I've missed! Where should I go in 2018? 

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