Food Hussy Restaurant Review: Just Q'in - Walnut Hills

I love barbecue - the low and slow, juicy deliciousness. The only thing better than the meat itself are the wonderful sides that go with it! Macaroni & cheese, cornbread, peach cobbler...oh mylanta - does it get any better????

Only if you go to Just Q'in because I'm convinced they are the best in town. Matt (the owner) started with a food truck, then opened a little shop in Newtown near Wags Park and has since opened a second location in Walnut Hills. They care about three things and it's right on their logo:

Faith. Love. BBQ.  It took me about 30 minutes of sitting in the restaurant before I noticed the pig in the flame of the logo. Oye - I think I was hungry. This location is small and very busy at lunch. There's no lot - so you have to get street parking as best you can. You order at the counter and take a seat and wait for your barbecue delight to be delivered.

The menu was killing me - I had such a hard time deciding what to get! I love pulled pork - but Ribs are always amazing. Then the sides - mac & cheese? Baked beans? What to choose? Then they had dessert!!?! So yeah - I pretty much got a bit of everything. Just Q'in does a heckuva catering business as well.

I previously had tried Matt's ribs back in the food truck days. I lived over near Colerain and he had an extra slab and offered to drop it off. I didn't have anything planned for dinner so he dropped it off. Larry and I could smell the delicious. We stood at the counter - just to take a peek - before we got the rest of the dinner together.

We proceeded to eat the entire rack right there at the counter. No silverware. No napkins. Hell - we didn't even open the sauce!!!! We just INHALED that rack of ribs in about 10 minutes flat.  

So yeah - I was ready to revisit that experience! :-)

I landed on rib tips - they were a little cheaper - and I could get a pile of them - and still get to choose my favorite menu item. The pile was smoky and delicious. Look at that pink rink of smoke - perfect! I always find with ribs that parts of the rib are juicier than others - so a few pieces were a little dry - but there was such a pile - I had plenty of perfectly juicy tips to choose from!

Then the sides - I OBVIOUSLY had to get macaroni & cheese. I am not typically a fan of homemade but always try it - hoping to find one I like. This was it!! It was PERFECTION! It was cheesy - with real cheese - not a Velveeta-like cheese sauce. The noodles weren't baked to the point of mush - they still had a bite to them. OMG - so good!!! Then - the cornbread. I just can't even - it was perfect - with that little drizzle of honey. It was sweet and didn't fall apart. So freakin delicious.

Lastly - I had to get Peach Cobbler (it's my Mom's specialty - and now mine!). I can't believe I'm going to say this - but this peach cobbler is the ONLY cobbler I've ever had in my life that I would choose over my mom's. Now the only reason I would choose it over hers - is because I didn't have to make it - but flavor wise - it is PERFECTION! It's served warm which basically had me passing out after the first bite.

Why Should You Go? Really - if you got this far - you already have about a dozen reasons why. So just go!!! I know I'll be back!

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