Restaurant Review: Gyro Express - Montgomery

Who wants a gyro????
While I was working in Blue Ash, I was always trying new spots and my boss recommended Gyro Express - which is near 275 & Montgomery Rd - so off I went - in search of a drive thru gyro!

I went the simple route - a gyro with no onions and extra side of tsatsiki - cuz I'm addicted to that stuff! Of course - it was huge! Stuffed full of gyro meat, lettuce and tomatoes. Sometimes the onions are a bit much - so I just asked for it without.

There was also sauce inside and an extra cup for me - cuz it's akin to ranch - so I gobble it up. I know this is a short one - but hey - this was a drive thru lunch - how much fluffernutter can I give you???? They have a big menu: nachos, wings, burgers, falafel, schwarma, etc... so you can always try something else as well!

Why Should You Go? The gyro was really good - it's not Greek to Me - but it was definitely a good deal and a good lunch! The pita was super soft - which is the real mystery to me - where can you buy these soft pitas in the store? Most store pitas are rock hard and dry AF! The meat was plentiful and just shy of crispy - very tasty! The tsatsiki was good - not the best I've had - but very good - definitely necessary. It was such a big sandwich - and they're hard to eat with a small mouth (yes - technically - I have a small mouth) - so I resorted to tearing off pita bites and making little one bite mini-sandwiches and dipping them in the sauce. Good stuff! I would definitely recommend it over the flood of fast food options surrounding it!

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