What to Get at Boomtown Biscuits & Whiskey

Ever met someone you share a birthday with? I call it a "Birthday Buddy"! Well my birthday buddy happens to be famous! Chef Christian Gill has been featured on the Food Network a few times and he recently opened his own place - Boomtown Biscuits & Whiskey in the Pendelton neighborhood in downtown Cincinnati (near Jack Casino). 

Boomtown really takes the "Gold Rush" theme and runs with it! It runs through the decor and the menu items. Chef Gill learned how to cook and bake from his mother and grandmother and you can tell - it's made with love. Christian also has an amazing spirit - but you'll see that as you scroll down...

When Christian heard I was upstairs - he came bopping up from the kitchen with a hug and a gift! He was making these lemon poppyseed biscuits drenched in honey for an event that evening and let us try them. UM yes please! They were light with a touch of lemon and just plain delicious. #noleftovers

And then there's his spirit - I mean - look at this guy! His smile is a million watt smile for sure! If you can't tell - the first time I met him (a few years ago while he was the chef at the Cincinnati Art Museum) it took us about 2.3 seconds to become besties! Then you add in the shared birthday - it was done. We are both huge nerds and love to smile and laugh - if you couldn't tell. That alone should get you in the door!

Then there's the food. You can get a FLIGHT of biscuits and gravy. Yeah - this hussy doesn't really drink - so this is my kind of flight!!!! It's called the Gold Shoes ($12) and comes with 2 biscuits and your choice of 3 gravies. You can choose from Sawmill, Corn, Serrano or Propsector (seasonal).

Maria went for the first three - the seasonal was something really crazy (sweet potatoes I think) - so she wanted to go traditional this time. My favorite was the Sawmill which is a traditional sausage gravy (middle). The Corn was really good as well - a slight sweetness but not overwhelming. I skipped the Serrano cuz I don't do spicy much. 

Monica went for the Aunt Sally's Shrimp & Grits ($12) which is a Thai-inspired Lemongrass Shrimp, Coconut Chili Gravy and Smoked Cheddar Grits.  Not surprising - deliciousness again. I don't love grits unless they're really cheesy - but these were a nice combo - they were cheesy but not too much. And the shrimp had a great flavor. Winner again!

I went with the most popular item on the menu - the Yukon ($13). Holy shit. Fried chicken, Sawmill gravy, Smoked Cheddar, Bacon and a Fried Egg - all on one of Chef Gill's delicious biscuits. I also added a side of the Maple Glazed Pork Belly for $4.

I don't even know where to begin. You don't pick this up and eat it - you cut it and just do the best you can. The fried chicken - easily the best I've had for a boneless chicken breast (better than the Eagle? Yes!), the biscuit - amazing, the gravy - covered that, just all of it - delicious perfection.

But let me separately brag about the Maple Glazed Pork Belly. They have numerous sides - all $4 - Campfire Greens, Smoked Cheddar Grits, Cinnamon Apples, Ancho Chili Potato Hash, Cucumber Mater Salad, Bacon, Sausage and the Pork Belly. $4 for any of these is a pretty good price. But that pork belly was amazing.

Next time - I might just consider ordering 2 or 3 pieces of that, a biscuit and a side of Sawmill.

What Should You Get at Boomtown? 

I would highly recommend the Yukon sandwich, the pork belly and the Sawmill Gravy! Really - it's all good - but those were the best. And keep an eye out on Food Network...a little birdie told me we might be seeing Chef Christian again!  (And thanks for the mimosas friend!)

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