Gordo's Restaurant Review - Norwood OH

My husband sure does put up with a lot of picture taking - so today's blog is honoring HIS favorite burger in Cincinnati. While I'm addicted to Terry's - Larry's got a different favorite...it's Gordo's!

It's a convenient location - right on Montgomery Rd in Norwood. All in all - because of the location and ease of getting a table - it might become my favorite too. I love Terry's but hate jumping through hoops to eat there with less than an hour wait!

And yes - this is my 2nd blog of Gordo's. The first visit was almost 2 years ago (wow) soon after they had opened - so I decided a re-review was in order. 

 I got a Strongbow - which is one of those Cider Beers - and I loved it! That stuff is just great! Also found out they have a Pear Cider - that's good too!

Larry got the Hawaiian Burger - Topped with Roasted Pineapple, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Cucumber, BBQ Sauce and American Cheese - $7. And that's why he likes Gordos better - he likes pineapple on his burger. Who knew? He was very happy with his first visit!

I went for the Gordo's Burger - Topped with Roasted Poblanos, Mushrooms, Onions, Smoked bacon, Mayonnaise and Boursin Cheese - $8. I also got mine with a side of their Parmesan Gratin Potato. I had really liked these in an earlier visit. Before they were served as a square from a casserole and now they're served in their own dish. I think I like them that way better...but these were still good. But I liked the burger much better this time around. The burgers are still pretty "tall" so it's hard for me to eat them (clinically I have a small mouth - my friend's all think this is hilarious). But all in all - good burger!

We went back again and Larry got mozzarella sticks - $6. They were fine...nothing to write home about. Not bad by any means - just standard. He wasn't very hungry...so it was good for him.

I on the other hand was starving! I got the Reuben ($7) and then made the fries "loaded" (it was extra - don't know how much). The fries were pretty good - not as good as the one's from the Irish Democrat back home - but good. The Reuben - well I liked it - but wish there had been more sauce. The meat was really good though. I'm a bit of a Reuben-aholic.

Why Should You Go? Many people think it's one of the top 3 burgers in the city - so if you haven't been yet you should go and check it out. I really think they do a great job on their dinner entrees as well. It's a friendly atmosphere and if the weather's nice - there's a patio in the back.

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  1. I went there about a month ago and was very pleased with the service and the food. Larry made a great choice!