Restaurant Review: Gomez Salsa in OTR

I met up with my great friend Nate from WannaBite and decided to grab some tacos from the nearby Gomez Salsa. It's a fairly new taco window (and yes - literally - a window) in OTR. 

It's easy to find where Gomez Salsa is by the brightly painted side board - what's not as easy is figuring out how and where to order! So here's the 411 for you non-OTR folks (like me!) 

There actually is a door there - and if it's closed - knock! They open the window portion and will help you. Do not walk by the bar and the windows there 14X like I did! Next to the door is a holder with menus and pencils. Mark up your order and write your name on it - then give it to whoever is at the window. Then hang out for 5-10 minutes and wait for your name to be called. Follow these tips and you'll have burritos in your belly in no time! 

Nate got the Turtle Shell ($8) which is a burrito stuffed with rice, beans, sour cream, lettuce, salsa, meat, veggies and cheese - they even seal it with cheese! Nate loves this and tells me how awesome it is - if I go back - I'm trying that. They crisp it up like a tostada and I have to say - it looks pretty awesome.

Here's a big list of the topping choices: chicken, barbacoa, carnitas, vegetarian, fish, slaw, lettuce, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, rice, black beans and pinto beans. The salsas are: gomez, kowabunga, corn, verde and pineapple.

I did two soft shell tacos ($8 - tacos & turtles come with chips/salsa & drink). I got carnitas and pineapple salsa in one and fish with gomez in the other. I didn't care for the fish taco at all - I couldn't tell if it was grilled or fried and it tasted really mushy. I liked the pork & pineapple better. It was okay - but I still like Taqueria Mercado or La Mexicana better. (I still need to try Mazunte.)

I was there during World Cup and in Cincinnati - during World Cup - you find people like this eating tacos with you. After I got over being scared - I grabbed a selfie with my new friend. :-)

Why Should You Go? Well - I hear the turtle is amazing - and next time - that's what I'll get. The tacos were just ok. Not a bad price though...

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