Food Hussy Recipe: 10 Minute Pumpkin Tiramisu

I'm excited to be going on with my friends at Local 12 tomorrow with a quick holiday ready dessert. 

So I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tiramisu - but it's a bit labor-intensive - there are many ingredients and all these steps - and ingredients like Marsala wine that I probably wouldn't use again. So I decided to come up with my own recipe for a quick and easy version of Tiramisu!

I made it a couple of months ago and it was delicious! I couldn't get enough! So then with the holidays upon us - I thought let's add pumpkin!

So here we go!
Mix together whipped topping, Mascarpone cheese and pumpkin puree. I got real pumpkin - so do that for sure.

This recipe is enough for 4 individual tiramisu desserts. You can also make this on a larger scale in a rectangular dish.

Now - I'm not really much of a coffee drinker - so I bought an individual coffee drink for the recipe. I poured some into a bowl for dipping the Ladyfingers.

Here's my little ramekins - I got them from Ikea - aren't they cute?! And only $2.99 each! Boomio!

Here's my pumpkin mixture after I whipped it all together! I had to beat Larry with a wooden spoon to keep him from eating it!

So here are the Ladyfingers - I got them at Kroger during Taste of Italy and now they're on clearance for 50 cents - w00t!

Then you QUICKLY - and I can't emphasize this enough - QUICKLY dip and spin the Ladyfinger in coffee. These cookies fall absorb liquid super fast and will disintegrate in your hand. So do a quick dip and spin and then place in the ramekin.

I broke them apart to fit into the ramekins - it took about 2.5 to fit in each little pie plate. I put them on their side to fit more in.

Then you lather up the cookies with the pumpkin mixture. Now in a traditional tiramisu you would do two layers of cookie & fluff - feel free to do that! These dishes were just right for one layer as thick as I laid it on - so I just did a single layer. You could easily lay them flat and use less pumpkin fluff to fit the 2nd layer on top.

After that you use a little sifter and shake cocoa powder on top like the one on the top. That's it - you're done! Then refrigerate overnight and you're ready to eat. Overnight really helps - it soaks up the coffee and gets the fluff all melded together - so good!

10 Minute Tiramisu

* 1/2 package Ladyfinger cookies
* 1 cup coffee
* 1/2 container Mascarpone
* 1 container whipped topping
* 1/2 small can pumpkin puree (if you're not a pumpkin fan - leave it out - just as good!)
* cocoa powder

- You'll need 4 ramekins
- Combine Mascarpone, whipped topping and pumpkin into a mixing bowl and mix until combined and fluffy
- Pour coffee into a bowl
- Break apart Ladyfinger to fit ramekin
- QUICKLY dip Ladyfinger in coffee and place in ramekin
- Repeat until you have a layer on the bottom of each dish. I used 2.5 per ramekin.
- Top with Pumpkin Mixture
- Using a small sifter, spoon cocoa into the sifter and shake across the top of the pumpkin mixture
- Refrigerate overnight

Makes 4 Ramekins

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