The Best Watermelon & Feta Salad

Now that I'm single again - my meal planning is slightly different. I eat a lot lighter and a lot more simply because I don't want to be eating leftovers for days. This is my go-to dinner more nights than I care to admit! 
I've perfected this recipe to make it so easy and delicious - this is hands-down the BEST watermelon & feta salad recipe! It takes five minutes and you're enjoying it! 

How to make Watermelon Feta Salad

Well it doesn't get much easier - I buy a mini seedless watermelon every weekend and dice it up the day I get it. It goes in a bowl in the fridge and I nosh on it all week! 

From there - you just plate up some watermelon, grab the crumbled feta from the fridge (because it's ALWAYS in there) and sprinkle that on top! You can make your own dressing but I like Ken's Greek salad dressing - so I add a little of that and then some coarse sea salt and that's it! 

What dressing for Watermelon Feta Salad? 

You can make your own - a balsamic vinaigrette would be great - but frankly - I like things to be quick and easy - so I just grab bottled Greek Salad Dressing and top it with that. It's got all the seasonings you'll need and it's ready to go! 

What to Serve with Watermelon & Feta Salad

This salad pairs really well with a piece of grilled fish like tuna or you can make salmon in the air fryer. Then you've got a super healthy dinner on the table in ten minutes! What could be better??? And this salad is so cool and refreshing - perfect for these hot summer nights! 

The Best Watermelon & Feta Salad

Yield: 2
prep time: 5 Mcook time: total time: 5 M
Watermelon and Feta Salad is one of my go-to meals every summer. I get a fresh, ripe mini-watermelon every weekend and nosh on this salad at least 2-3 times a week. It's the perfect combination of salty & sweet!


  • - 2 cups Diced Seedless Watermelon 
  • - 1/2 cup Crumbled Feta 
  • - 1/3 cup Greek Salad Dressing
  • - 1 tsp Coarse Sea Salt 


How to cook The Best Watermelon & Feta Salad

  1. - Split watermelon between two plates 
  2. - Sprinkle feta on top of watermelon
  3. - Drizzle dressing over watermelon 
  4. - Sprinkle coarse salt over top 

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