Grilled Turkey Tenderloin

My Traeger Grill is amazing and I made the most delicious turkey tenderloin on it this week. It's juicy and delicious and the leftovers are great in lots of recipes!

I bought a turkey tenderloin a while back - but when the quarantine hit - I went through my freezer and made a list of everything in it so I knew what I had to work with! 

I also decided this will be the summer of the Traeger! I was given this grill a couple years ago and have only used it a couple of times - but 2020 is the year for me! I'm going to learn how to be a grillin mamajama! 

Can Traeger grills be stored outside?

Yes - for sure! I would just be sure to get a Traeger cover for your grill model (I have the Pro Series 22). They're specially made to fit the smoke stacks. I had my Traeger on my outdoor deck for 2 years under a cover and hadn't touched it! I "fired" it up and it worked like a charm! 

How to use your Traeger grill

This how-to video is REALLY helpful - I watched it a couple of times as I was getting re-acquainted and it was great! But - here are the steps: 

- Plug in your Traeger Grill and make sure you have pellets in the hopper
- Turn knob to Smoke and Power On with the lid open
- In a few minutes the grill will start to smoke
- Once it smokes, shut the lid and set the temp
- Once it hits temp - put your food on the grill 
- After you're done - turn knob to Shut Down and the fan will shut off in five minutes
- Then you can turn power off 
- Once cooled, recover the grill 

How to cook turkey tenderloin?

I used a two-pound Honeysuckle Turkey Breast Tenderloin to grill this Turkey Tenderloin. I meant to get a plain tenderloin so I could create a marinade but when I pulled it out of the freezer - it was a rotisserie flavored marinade - guess that's what I'm using. 

You can cook these tenderloin pieces in the oven, air fryer or grill. 

How long to cook turkey breast tenderloin

I grilled my turkey tenderloin on the Traeger at 350 degrees for 25 minutes and it was at 165 degrees. I always use an Instant Read Thermometer - they're super cheap now and it gives you complete confidence that your chicken, turkey, pork and beef are ready. 

What to serve with grilled turkey tenderloin? 

I made roasted carrots - I figured I was heating up the grill - I might as well use the whole grill! I sliced up carrots into sticks and tossed them in a little olive oil and coarse sea salt - then popped them into a cast iron skillet. I put them on the grill at the same time as the turkey and they came out perfectly!!!

Here are some other great side dishes

This smoked turkey breast tenderloin cooked on a Traeger grill was a perfect meal and I had leftovers for days! I couldn't believe how juicy the turkey came out. The grill really sealed in the juices and flavor - it was delicious! 

You can use leftover turkey for lots of different recipes - really anything where you would use grilled chicken! Salads are great - I ate my leftovers on salads every day! This Applebee's Southwest Lime Salad was a great one to try! Or if you're feeling like pasta - this Olive Garden Chicken Tortellini is delicious as well! And if you're wanting to be healthy - this Copycat Lean Cuisine Ranch Club Flatbread Melt is just the trick! 

Grilled Turkey Tenderloin

Grilled Turkey Tenderloin

Yield: 4-6
Prep time: 5 MCook time: 25 MTotal time: 30 M
My Traeger Grill is amazing and I made the most delicious turkey tenderloin on it this week. It's juicy and delicious and the leftovers are great in lots of recipes!


  • 2 pound marinated turkey tenderloin 
  • 2 medium-large carrots, cut into sticks
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon coarse sea salt


How to cook Grilled Turkey Tenderloin

  1. Make sure there are enough pellets in the hopper. 
  2. Turn Traeger grill onto Smoke setting and turn on. 
  3. After about 4-5 minutes, Traeger grill starts to smoke - shut lid and change temp to 350 degrees  
  4. Watch temperature gage and it will come up to temp in about 5-10 minutes
  5. While grill is coming up to temp, slice carrots into sticks and place in a cast iron skillet. Toss with oil and salt in pan. 
  6. Once grill is at 350 degrees - place turkey tenderloin pieces on grill along with cast iron skillet 
  7. Shut lid for 15 minutes - flip tenderloin pieces 
  8. Shut lid and grill for 10 more minutes
  9. Come back and check the temperature on your turkey. It should be 160-165 degrees. 
  10. Remove carrots (with a potholder!) and turkey from grill. 
  11. To shut down your Traeger, leave the grill lid open, turn the knob to Shut Down. After about 5 minutes the fan will shut down and then you can turn the power off.   

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