Potluck Coming Up? Boom! Done!

Potlucks are a fun thing and I just don't get to participate in them near as much as I'd like. I remember in high school there was a potluck every other week! Now - it's only around holiday time... and I have one dish that is tried and true - as well as quick and cheap! 

Six Cup Salad!!!

It's so easy - 1 cup of each ingredient: maraschino cherries (cut up), pineapple tidbits, mandarin oranges, mini-marshmallows, coconut and sour cream. Yes sour cream.

Once you mix it all together - the sour cream gets infused with the fruit juices and is so sweet and delish! The best part of this is if you don't like one thing - just eliminate it and use something else!

It's also really fun and colorful - and it has a double bonus - first is it usually gets completely eaten so you don't come home with leftovers, second bonus - you can hope people don't finish it so you CAN have leftovers cuz it's so awesome!!!

Six Cup Salad

1 cup maraschino cherries (cut up in half with scissors), drained
1 cup pineapple tidbits, drained
1 cup mandarin oranges, drained
1 cup mini-marshmallows
1 cup coconut
1 cup lite sour cream

* Mix all the fruit
* Add in the mallows & coconut
* Stir in the sour cream

Boom! Refrigerate for a couple hours and you're golden!

Do you have any quick potluck go-tos?

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  1. Ha! This recipe reminds me of the only dish I would sneak food from my room mate in Calgary. Except her recipe included coloured marshmallows and cottage cheese instead of sour cream. SOOOO yummy.