The Best Pan Fried Fish

My best friend has one child and he is my buddy. Literally I joke that she had my kid so I don't have to. Tanner is now 16 years old - craziness - and he's an AVID fisherman. He woke up last Saturday at 430am to go fishing! And when he got home after catching some blue gill - he came home and made dinner for the family. What 16 year old does that? 

In all his glory, T-Dawg - as I affectionately call him - felt compelled to give me his recipe for the best pan fried fish. His mom agreed and said, "Heather - it's really good - he's not kidding!" 

So that very night, I went to Kroger and got the ingredients - just for you! 

This is a delicious pan fried fish recipe - it's so easy and so delicious. All you do is dip your fish a couple of times and fry! 

What you get is a super crispy and crunchy piece of fried fish! I loved it! I didn't have access to Blue Gill and knew that I liked cod - so I went with that - but you can use any hearty white fish you have available to you. 

Can you pan fry fish in olive oil? 

Yup - that's what I did when I tried this. I modified my directions slightly to accommodate vegetable oil. It has a higher smoke point and I think it works a litter better. 

If using olive oil - I wouldn't put too much in the pan - but if using vegetable oil - you might try 1/2 inch of oil in the pan - it keeps the fish from sticking too much. I made this fried fish recipe in a cast iron skillet. 

How to make crispy pan fried fish? 

Well this is Tanner's recipe - so I can't take credit for it. If you're thinking of how to make fried fish with flour - this is it! For this recipe though - we actually use Hooters Wing Breading - there's a lot of flavor packed in there. 

Because the fish is "damp" - there's no need for egg - just dip your fish filet into the wing breading - then - dip and coat with Frank's Red Hot Sauce (the original kind) - and then back into the wing breading. Once the dipping is done - right into the oil for approx. 5 minutes on each side. 

What goes with pan fried fish? 

This pan fried fish is a little spicy - so if you're a spice wuss like me - you might want to go light with the Frank's Red Hot Sauce - but it wasn't too spicy - I promise - just definitely had a kick! 

Here are some of my favorite side dishes for this pan fried fish recipe:

The Best Pan Fried Fish

Yield: 2
prep time: 5 Mcook time: 10 Mtotal time: 15 M
You know when a 16 year old kid comes home and cooks dinner and his Mom gobbles it up - it's gotta be good. This is my buddy Tanner's recipe for the Best Damn Fried Fish You'll Ever Eat! #friedfish #fishfry



How to cook The Best Fried Fish

  1. heat skillet on medium
  2. cut cod into two pieces
  3. coat cod in wing breading
  4. dip coated cod in franks red hot
  5. re-coat with wing breading
  6. add to hot skillet
  7. fry for 5 minutes per side


- you can use any kind of white fish, just fry for less time based on the thickness of the fish


  1. Oh my gosh,this sounds absolutely dreamy! Amazing kid,so thank you so much, gotta try,need it now!😊

  2. Bloody proud of Tanner, good lad