The ABC's of Dining!

I know I've been lax on the ABC's of Dining - the last month or so has been a bit cra-cra with work and life- but I'm back!

If you're new to the Food Hussy or just don't know what the hell I'm referring to - I pledged at the beginning of the year to do two things:

1. Not eat cheese

2. Visit a new restaurant with every letter of the alphabet voted by YOU!

Well - how have I done?

1. I lasted two months. And hell - that's saying a lot for me. Damn Kraft Macaroni & Cheese got me - I'm not even sure there's actual cheese in it!!

2. Well - I'm through the letter O. Yes - I just went to Otto's (review to come). So vote for the letter P! The poll is on the upper left corner. I'm going to try and do one/week for the rest of the year and finish the alphabet this year!

So vote vote vote - every time you see a new one and you can tell me where to go! (I know a lot of people that would like that opportunity!)

Happy Dining!

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