Food Hussy Recipe: Jarlsberg Cheese Dip (+ what to do with leftover dip!)

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Today a giant wheel of cheese was delivered to my door. I love being a food blogger. 

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 I'm not kidding - we got a 25 pound wheel of cheese! So what to do with it?

Well Jarlsberg is actually a Norwegian cheese - it was made by Swiss cheesemakers who then moved to Norway - which is why most people think it's Swiss cheese. It's very similar.

When I asked around about what to make with it - there was a resounding - MAKE THE KROGER DIP! So here I go.

First - 2 cups of shredded Jarlsberg cheese - you should really do 2 1/4 cups so you can nibble on some along the way.

Add 3/4 cup mayo - it specifically says MAYO and not "salad dressing" so no Miracle Whip folks.

1 tsp lemon juice - I had some fresh lemons in the fridge so grabbed and squeezed.

Then add a tiny bit of milk and 1/4 cup red onion. I diced the onion super small so it wasn't going to be too oniony in when you bite.

Stir and you're done! 

I chose some simple water crackers for these because Swiss is a pretty strong cheese but after tasting - you could definitely use some of those awesome onion crackers. I also couldn't find those at Kroger - so water crackers it was. Stay tuned - after the recipe - for ways to use the leftover dip! 

Jarlsberg Cheese Dip (Swiss Cheese)
  1. Gently combine all ingredients.
  2. Refrigerate for 2-hours before serving.
  3. Serve with crackers.

So we always end up with leftover dip - and what do you do with it? Here are a couple of ideas that I've used with this and Spinach Artichoke Dip - it really works!

* Heat in a skillet and add a little cream - then toss with cooked pasta and you've got a delicious pasta sauce! 

* Take a chicken breast or nice piece of salmon and top the whole filet with the leftover dip - then bake! 

I hate to waste leftovers but I also get tired of just the dip on its own - so it's great to have alternative uses!

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