Friday, July 31, 2015

Restaurant Review: Fireside Pizza - Walnut Hills

The girls at work and I are often looking for a new place to go to - Susie had the idea to try out Fireside Pizza in Walnut Hills.  

It's in the old #16 Fire Station - there's a big ol' garage door that opens up to the outside on nice days and a parking lot across the street.

The menu isn't large - but it's got enough. They do pizza - There are 6 combo pizzas and a create your own along with a couple of salads and drinks. You order at the bar and then are handed a record album as your table marker. Oddly enough - I owned that album as a kid. #notkidding #GoWillie

I love that they kept the inside so authentic and original. It would be cool if there were historical  photos hanging up as well. There are some pieces around but not of the space.

We got two pizzas - a 9" and 14" - we went for the 9" white pie. The White Pie ($7/$14) had extra virgin olive oil, provolone/mozzarella mix, shaved parmesan, fresh mozzarella, rosemary + garlic. 

The crust is very light and thin - with that wood fire grill crispness. I'll get to my thoughts on this pizza momentarily.

We also got a 14" Redlegger ($9/18) with red sauce, fresh mozzarella, pepperoni, red onion + roasted red peppers. We got half without the onions. This pizza was good - the sauce was VERY red - as in - very acidic. As someone that battles acid reflux - it's a plate of pain - but luckily I had my meds with me. We all liked this pizza but not as much as the other. 

And that said... 

Seriously - WHITE. GOLD. I mean - this pizza was heavenly. All 3 of us loved it - but I was kind of geekily ecstatic over it. It made me never want another pizza again.

It's odd because I just went to Italianette right before - and I love that - but this is such a different kind of pizza with the wood-fired oven. It's so crispy and light - and then all the garlic and cheese on this one - just fantastic!

Why Should You Go? That White Pie is decadent. The atmosphere is pretty cool as well!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Restaurant Review: Krimmer's Italianette Pizzeria - College Hill

One of my FAVORITE pizza places is Krimmer's Italianette Pizzeria in Deer Park - so I was driving around with my hubby and was SHOCKED to find a brand new one open in College Hill!  

It's on Galbraith Road right near Hamilton Ave. It's also huge!! There is ample room for any large party or masses of crowds after Friday night football games.

The booths are huge! You could easily seat six and maybe 7-8! Look at my amazement!

We started out with breadsticks with cheese ($5.50). Larry ALWAYS wants these from LaRosa's but they're kinda hard and I'm just not a fan. These were PERFECTION! Super soft, super covered in garlic salt and delicious mozzarella! Definite - must order!

Then I got my staple - my favorite - TACO PIZZA! ($13.99 Medium) Now this may not appear to be taco pizza but it does have some assembly required. The thing I like about theirs is that it's actual taco style meat on it - with tacoey sauce and everything!

I will also give a thumbs up to their BBQ Chicken Club pizza - I'm not normally a fan of chicken on pizza but their is diggity!

Here are the taco pizza toppings. See I grew up with Happy Joes Pizza - they are the one and only other good taco pizza in the world - they do the sour cream and they have chips on top! Italianette is  lacking in chips - it's seriously disappointing (Hey Krimmers - seriously - give me a bowl of crushed Doritos - pleeeeeeeze!). So once you put it all together - you get:

Taco Pizza!! See sour cream is the key for this. I think next time I'll just bring my own Doritos or maybe they serve chips!?! OOoooh - they do have Pizza Box Nachos ($6.99) - so that's it - next time Taco Pizza with a side of nacho chips! Yes - Yes - Yes!!!

Why Should You Go? See last paragraph. :-)

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