Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Food Hussy Recipe: Weight Watchers 2-point Breakfast

I've been on Weight Watchers for a little while now - two months now - and it's not too bad. I've lost 15 pounds and this is the longest I've stuck with anything since the last time I lost 50 pounds. The sad part of that - I gained all 50 back + 50 more. So yeah - I have about 100 pounds to go on my weight loss journey. When you realize you weigh more than NFL linebackers - it's time to make some changes. 

That said - Weight Watchers works for me. A friend of mine and her husband lost a good deal of weight on Ideal Protein - but it's very restrictive and I know me - that just won't work for me. I'm not good with restrictions. I like WW because I can technically eat anything I want - I just have to balance that with the points I have for the day. So when I'm having a bad day and I NEED Kraft Macaroni & Cheese - I can have it! One day I realized I'd only eaten 5 points in a day - so I ordered pizza for dinner! Man - that was some good pizza. 

If you're not familiar, you get a set number of "points" you can eat in a day and every food has a points value. I'm on the Smart Points iteration of WW (the calculators differ every now and then). 

I'm always trying to find ways eat a few more things with a few less points. Breakfast is tough for me - I find I have to eat breakfast now - but I have a hunger for all things fast food. So I've tried to combat that with making a filling breakfast at home...

It all starts with vegetables for me - I really love them and they're filling. So first I saute them but only use cooking spray - you have to spray it a couple of times to get them cooked. I start with a spray to get it going - and then add a quick spray to the top when they're about half-way cooked.

For veggies - I like to throw in whatever is in the fridge - my favorites are grape tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers and broccoli.

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After the veggies - it's two simple ingredients:

1. Egg Beaters - these are 0 points for 1/4 cup and that's a little more than 1 egg if you're comparing. They have regular & southwestern varieties  - the SW is just a little zingier.
2. Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Patties - these are pre-cooked and come in little packets of 2. I find for breakfast - I really just need 1 patty. 1 patty is 1 point, 2 is 3 points.

So technically - this is a 1 point breakfast - but I figure by the time I put all the 0 points together - there's probably another point in there.

Have you tried Weight Watchers? Do you have any great low point breakfasts?

Monday, May 2, 2016

Restaurant Review: Bite Restaurant, Milford (OMG Amazing Food!!!!)

I heard rumblings of a farm-to-table restaurant in Milford and had to check it out. Lucky for me - it's only 10 minutes from my house and right by the dog park! So what is it? 

It's called Bite Restaurant and it's on 131. It's a converted house that sits back off the road and is in a semi-commercial district.

I've been a couple of times - there's a chicken coop in the back and planting beds in the front. On one visit they had the smoker going and they were making bacon! (Yum!)

As you can tell from the two pics - I've been twice - once was in early March and the other in late March - thus the snow. :-)

Inside the restaurant they also have products for sale - it's a lot of artesan, local products like this Maple Syrup. They also have teas, soaps and a lot of unique products.

Inside is a farm type of atmosphere - but you can totally tell it used to be a house. The atmosphere is quirky - it's not the most polished or well done but at a point - it doesn't really matter - the food is what matters!

It's a rustic atmosphere and they serve the drinks in mason jars - which Larry loves. They were the big quart jars too (can't tell from the photo).

We started with the Crispy Alligator appetizer ($12) served with homegrown potato chips and pepper jelly.

I cannot say enough about these chips - like seriously - AMAZING!!!!! They reminded me of the spiral cut chips you can get at the fairs during the summer. They're super thin and so crispy and salty. It took every ounce of control for me to not devour these in 30 seconds.

Then there was the Alligator - if you haven't had alligator - it's very unique. It it's definitely like you mixed fish & chicken. It's sort of got a thick whitefish texture but is a little chewier with a texture like chicken. It's breaded with a really light breading and then sprinkled with a zesty seasoning.

Larry had alligator once at Andouille (now closed) and really liked it so he was excited to try it again. This was really good - so good - we were going to get it again on our second visit but they were out! They get their alligator from Louisiana - it comes frozen but is direct from the area.

It was freeeeeeeezing and I was dying for something warm so I got their Alohaute Chocolate ($4)which is white hot cocoa with coconut. This was so freakin good - it was absolutely delicious and hit the spot. I love white hot cocoa anyway - but then the big marshmallows on top melting into it...sweet baby Jesus.

Larry went for a Reuben Burger ($13) with house-made corned beef, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut (no thousand island for him - allergies) all on top of a half-pound burger. That corned beef was super thick and just fell apart - it was so good. The rye was toasted too. All in all - definitely a good burger. (There's a trend here - everything is good!)
I got the Zymarika ($14) which is creamy fettucini, capers, smoked salmon, tomatoes, feta and spinach. (This dish can also be made gluten-free or vegetarian - they do that with a lot of dishes.) It's also served with fresh baked bread.

I can't even explain how good this is but I'll try. I mean - obviously fettucini, cream, spinach, feta, capers and tomatoes - all sounds delicious - duh. But then - the smoked salmon - adds this whole new dimension and layer of flavor. It's not overpowering at all - it's just lucious and rich. I can't say enough about this dish. The portion sizes are big too - I only ate half and then had the rest for lunch the next day.

On our next visit - I got barbecued chicken thighs and - gasp! - forgot to take a picture!!!! They were delicious and so were the seasoned veggies I got to go with them.

Larry got the Blueberry Maple Salmon ($14) served over brown rice with avocado cream. The salmon was cooked perfectly - although the blueberry maple flavor wasn't very strong. Larry likes plain rice - if it had been my dish I would have liked some sort of sauce - or more sauce to tie it together. There was also a little side salad with it.

Larry was also jealous of my hot chocolate from the first time and went for the Mexicocoa ($4) which had chili and cinnamon in it.

Why Should You Go? Um - because everything is delicious. Don't even let me get started on their salads - here's one to give you an idea:

Cacao comes from a tree, which is a plant...Chocolate is Salad - spinach, dried cranberries, strawberries, cacoa nibs, gorgonzola, pecans, cucumber, red onions & tomatoes served with balsamic vinaigrette. Top with your choice of salmon, tofu, chicken, shrimp or tilapia

Yeah - THAT is a salad! I've heard their desserts (like Homemade Bourbon Pecan Ice Cream) are also fantastic but I've been avoiding them.

You can also take home bacon, free range eggs, local honey, bread, salad dressings and more - all made (or grown) in-house.

I sure hope I've convinced you - oh wait - I forgot one more thing - it's BYOB!! There's a drive-thru liquor barn across the street - so grab some beers on your way in!

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