Wednesday, September 28, 2016

National Coffee Day with Dunkin Donuts (+ Light & Fluffy Pumpkin Dip)

This post is sponsored by Dunkin Donuts but all opinions are my own.

Thursday is National Coffee Day and we always know how to celebrate that great day - with Dunkin Donuts! It's also their 66th Anniversary so they're offering 66 cent medium hot coffees all day tomorrow!

But I decided to do more than just drink the coffee - I'm gonna cook a little with it.

I was inspired by this recipe video on Facebook for Pumpkin Munchkin Waffle Chips with a cookie dough dip.

I decided to make mine a little easier - of course!

This one is super simple with just four ingredients and it's so good! Mascarpone cheese (find at grocery store - kind of the texture of cream cheese), Cool Whip, Pure Pumpkin and mini chocolate chips. That's it!

 Throw the mascarpone, whipped topping and pumpkin in a bowl and grab the hand mixer - one minute and you're done!

Then stir in your mini chocolate chips and that's it!

This is a great quick dessert - especially when everybody is pumpkin crazy! You could eat it on it's own like a pudding or use it as a sweet dip for graham crackers, cookies or DONUTS!

That's right - I'm going to use them on donuts on Local 12 this morning with my friends - Bob, Sheila and John!

I hope you enjoy them too!

Pumpkin Dip

1/2 container mascarpone cheese
1/2 container Cool Whip
1/2 small can pure pumpkin
1/2 cup mini chocolate chips

Beat the cheese, whipped topping and pumpkin together with a hand mixer for a minute. Fold in mini chips. Refrigerate and serve with donuts!

(You can also throw in a little Pumpkin Macchiato coffee for a little extra pumpkiny coffee flavor!)

Monday, September 26, 2016

Mean Green Super Strength Takes on the Garage!

This post is sponsored by Mean Green Cleaner and Degreaser. All opinions are my own.

I've been trying a variety of Mean Green Cleaners around my home in the past few months. 
I love this chart - once I saw that - I knew that I was done buying all these other cleaners. If this works better - then I'm in. The main thing I use it for is in the kitchen instead of 409. 

But Mean Green challenged me to try their Super Strength in my garage - so I opened the garage door to see what dirt and grime I could clean up. I didn't have to look too far. 

First challenge: my husband got bumped by someone on the interstate and they took off. Gee thanks. He's been meaning to clean it and just hasn't gotten around to it so off I went! This was only with paper towels and Mean Green Super Strength. I would say I worked on it for about 15 minutes with repeated sprays. And while it didn't come off 100% - I'm pretty confident that if I'd kept going - it would have. And hey - hubby was thrilled with this improvement - especially since he didn't have to do it!

Then I decided to take on the wheels of my car. My husband is super anal about his wheels - me - not so much. i could care less. But I was willing to give it a try. As you can see - this worked GREAT on my tires! And this was easy too - no hard scrubbing - just spray and wipe. I did leave for maybe 5-10 seconds before wiping away - and it took a few times for this shiny - but it was less than five minutes for sure. I think I could have even used a hose and had good results as well.

So let's go in for the close-up on this one. Sparkly - right!!! 

All in all - I was very happy with the results - my wheels look great! Mean Green got off muck, dirt and brake dust EASILY!