Recipe: Carlos O'Johnsons Queso Dip

Hi - my name is Food Hussy and I am a queso addict. 

I'm fine admitting it - if there's queso on a menu - I have to get it. My absolute all-time favorite is from Carlos O'Kellys back home. I've been trying to find a copycat recipe that was just right. Today I have a couple to try...

I found a recipe that called for Velveeta, cream cheese, sour cream, sausage and Rotel (or generic) tomatoes. The full recipe can be found on Plain Chicken. This equal parts Velveeta & cream cheese and then half as much sour cream.

It was okay - but it wasn't "right" - it was too much cream cheese for me and too thick. I liked it but didn't love it.

What I did love were these chips!!! One of my readers sent me an email (Thanks Chrissy R!) after reading my review of Chuy's. She saw that I was craving these uber-thin chips like they had and told me I can get something just like that at Kroger! WHAAAAA?????

So thank you Chrissy - you have made my world better and I'll never buy another brand of tortilla chips again! Xochitl is the brand - it's not in the regular chip aisle - it's with the organic foods chip aisle. They're worth the extra 2 minutes to find them - trust me! (I need to squirt some lime on them next time!)

So I decided to try again with the left over Velveeta, sausage and tomatoes and I think I perfected it!!! Now - the Carlos O'Kellys version does NOT have sausage - I had it leftover so I wanted to throw it in. Good add!!!

This version was lighter and cheesier and just all around better - so woohoo for me! Perfecto!

Carlos O'Johnson Queso Dip


1/4 lb chorizo
1/3 cup onion, diced
8 oz Velveeta, cubed
4 oz cream cheese, cubed
1 small can Rotel mild tomatoes


* Saute chorizo and onion in skillet on medium and break sausage into very small pieces. If using links with casing - cut open casing and just saute sausage from inside. Once browned, drain on paper towel.
* In microwave safe bowl combine Velveeta and cream cheese - microwave 45 seconds at a time - stirring each time. Microwave until all chunks are melted through. You might mush them against the side of the bowl to help them along.
* Stir in the tomatoes and browned chorizo and onion. Mix well and microwave 30 more seconds.
* Serve!

It's really all up to you and your taste buds but for me - this ratio of 2:1 Velveeta:Cream Cheese was right for me. I just happened to be out of sour cream when I made it the 2nd time around and that was fine - it was better without it. I'll take simple anytime!


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