Food Hussy Top 10 Posts of 2016! Copycat Recipes + more!

Let's take a quick peek back at my top posts of 2016 - hopefully you'll get some ideas for 2017! 

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10. Food Hussy Recipe: Weight Watchers 2-point Breakfast - this is a great breakfast idea - cook them on sunday night and you have breakfast all week! 

9. Food Hussy Recipe: Jarlsberg Cheese Dip (+ what to do with leftover dip!) - Seeing Bob Herzog roll the wheel of cheese around is a great companion to this recipe. 

8. Food Hussy Tour: PigFarmers & Maid Rites! - how can you not love all those little piggies?! 

7. Restaurant Review + Giveaway: O'Charley's - If you haven't had the chicken fingers and chips at O'Charley's - you are missing out! My fav! 

6. Food Hussy Road Trip: Ohio State Fair Food Bucket List! - deep fried bacon wrapped oreos - boom! 

5. Restaurant Review: Frisch's New Primetime Burgers! #PrimetimeBurgers - Frisch's is remodeling and has new burgers (some with their famous tartar sauce - double yum!)

4. Food Hussy Recipe: Taco John's Potato Ole Seasoning - this is my college years in a post - I love this stuff!!!! 

3. Food Hussy Recipe: CopyCat Penn Station Philly Cheese Sub - OMG - so good - not surprising that this was popular - I love me some Penn Station - especially when I can make it at home anytime I want! 

2. Food Hussy Recipe: CopyCat Maid Rites! (The Iowa Specialty!) - another copycat recipe!?! So popular! And delicious! 

1. Product Review: Dia & Co - kind of a surprise here - but I'm sure women want to see what they're signing up for. I'm not a subscriber anymore but it was fun while I was. I should have gotten that black & white sweater!!! 

Thanks for a great 2016 - looks like I'm heading into 2017 as the #1 blogger in Cincinnati - THAT is a great way to start! Let's do this! 

And there will be a lot of new things coming to Food Hussy in 2017! I'll be doing more videos with chefs, more recipes from restaurants so you can make your fav items at home and more appearances on Local 12! 

If you're a restaurant owner in the Cincinnati area and would like to have me stop by and show me some of your cooking tips - I'd love to set this up. Just email me at

Food Hussy Recipe: Smoked Meatballs with Historic BBQ

I have become quite obsessed with my friends at Historic BBQ. They initially provided me some free seasoning and sauces but all opinions are my own.  

Recently I was chatting with the owner John and he was telling me about making some smoked meatballs and I was IN LIKE FLYNN! 

Here's a rundown of the making of the meatballs and they were delicious! 

I've never smoked anything before so it was a bit of an adventure! But it was definitely worth the effort - the extra flavor the smoking adds was amazing!

First - I started out by roasting onions & peppers - just dice - top with oil and a little seasoning (salt/pepper) and bake them at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.

Then I got everything together - by recommendation of Historic BBQ - Gruyere cheese, roasted peppers & onions, Historic BBQ Red or Black seasoning, Colonel Des Garlic Galore (cuz I love garlic) and ground pork.

For the smoking - I went with pecan chips - John said hickory or apple are fine as well. You can buy a decent sized bag of chips for under $2 at Wal-Mart so there's no excuse to not do it. I soaked the chips in water for 20 minutes and then made two small foil packets. I cut holes in the bottom of the packets so the flames can get inside to the chips. (i.e. foil is fine - no need to buy a wood chip holder)

I mixed all the meatball ingredients together and there might have been a little drool in there as well.

I rolled them into ginormous meatballs and got them ready for the grill! Go big or go home!

For the smoking - it's so simple - put the wood chip packets (holes down) over the flames. Then over the burners that are not turned on - you put the meatballs on. Shut the lid and smoke for 30-40 minutes until the internal temp of the meatballs is 150 degrees.
You've got to watch the video to see the finished smoked product - so drool worthy and the aroma was heavenly. You can use bbq sauce and have these on their own - but I chose to have them with marinara over angel hair pasta. So good.

I had some mushrooms left and used them in the sauce - I love mushrooms almost as much as meatballs. These were hearty, smoky meatballs and there was no eggs - so hubby can eat them too! The smoky scent was just perfection - and they were super pink from that smoke. It was so fun to try the smoking and I'll definitely be doing it again!

Bon Appetit!

Smoked Pork Meatballs 

* 1 pound ground pork
* roasted onions and peppers (1/2 onion, 1 pepper - diced - roast with olive oil & s/p for 20 min at 400)
* 2 Tablespoons Historic BBQ Red or Black seasoning
* 1 teaspoon Garlic salt
* 1 cup Gruyere cheese - grated
* Pecan wood chips for smoking


* Heat grill to 375 degrees and take a foil pouch, put some wood chips in the foil pouch, poke some holes in the pouch, put pouch on grill over the heat

* Mix together all meatball ingredients and roll into large meatballs
* Place meatballs on indirect heat (not over the flame) on the grill and grill for 30-40 minutes around 375 until the internal temperature is 150
* Close the lid on the grill - it's important for the smoking. If the grill heat is too high, lower heat or prop lid open and inch or two so heat can escape somewhat

Food Hussy Review: Midway Cafe, Fort Thomas KY

I came across the Midway Cafe during the Cheese Fest - they were a part of the Grilled Cheese/Mac & Cheese Cook Off and I was excited to find out how the rest of their menu stacked up. 

They're on the main drag in Fort Thomas and it's a super cute area - there are so many great businesses and parking is super easy - I'm a fan!

I definitely saw quite a few menu items that I was ready to chow down on - there's a good selection. It's definitely got the sports bar vibe - it's very spacious and there's a nice patio out front as well right on the main street in Fort Thomas.

The one thing we saw right off the bat that we HAD to try was BACON FRIED BACON ($7.99). I mean - how can you not?! It's their signature appetizer and is served with a maple pepper jelly.

I was really excited about this app - but in the end - I didn't love it. It was a little too rich for me. The breading was really heavy and I sort of felt funky after a few bites. One stick was plenty - so it's an appetizer to share for sure. I did take the extra home for the pups.

Susie got the Midway Classic burger ($10.99) with bacon, fried egg, American cheese and their house ketchup - it was served with house-made chips. The chips were a bit hit and miss - with some soggy and others crispy - but the burger was great.

I chose the 10 smoked wings ($9.99) and got the Parmesan Garlic. They look really pink and that comes from the smoking which is fantastic. Also - they were HUGE!! I couldn't even finish them! They were ginormous!

Why Should You Go? I was very impressed with their showing at the Cheese Fest and was excited to try them out. Everything wasn't perfect but the wings were great as was the burger and the service was good as well. We would definitely go back!

Midway Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Food Hussy Recipe: Kitchen Sink Dip & Pinwheels

New Years Eve is just around the corner and we are always wanting something new to make - so I decided to open the fridge and just make something brand new and I decided to create with a dual purpose dip! 

As with many things - I kitchen sink it - which basically means I open the fridge and find anything that will work with what I have in mind. The nice thing about this is that all the items are probably in your fridge right now - and if not - substitute something that is!  

Before Christmas the folks at Keystone Meats reached out to me to see if I would be interested in trying their canned meat. I've seen these products at the Amish market and had to try it. They sent me a can of chicken and a can of beef - so I thought the chicken would be good for this.

It seems odd at first - but truly the chicken is no different than buying canned chicken in the tuna area - it's just cooked chicken breast. I'm not saying I would cook this up and eat it for dinner with potatoes and corn - but as an ingredient in dip - it's perfect. It is in a brothy mixture but I just drained that out.

With the chicken, I combined cream cheese, bacon bits, cojack cheese, ranch seasoning mix, chopped bell pepper (the orange) and chopped pickle (or relish). 

This makes a great big bowl of what I call Kitchen Sink Dip. You truly could add salsa instead of pickles and ranch, you could add green olives instead of pickles or cheddar instead of cojack - really just whatever you have in the fridge.

Now what do we do with this deliciousness? Well that's the thing I like is that it's multi-use! You can use it as a chip dip or a pinwheel dip!

Someone else thought it would be tasty too - because Mysty was BEGGING for a bite. She just sat there so well behaved - which is a rarity!

I also took the dip and used it as a schmear on a tortilla and then did a rollup - and sliced it into pinwheels. It's pretty thick - so you have to have a sturdy chip - or if your chips are flimsy - then roll her up! 

I love making a dip like this the night before - it really sets up overnight and the flavors meld together. You could also leave the chicken out of this and have a vegetarian dip! 

I hope you enjoy this dip - it's a great New Years Eve option - since you can use it as a dip or a pinwheel - I hope you enjoy! 

Kitchen Sink Dip

- 1 cup canned chicken breast - drained and diced
- 8-12 oz cream cheese 
- 1 cup shredded cojack cheese
- 1 tablespoon ranch seasoning mix
- 1/4 cup bacon bits 
- 1/3 cup bell pepper, small dice
- 1/4 cup pickle, small dice 

Mix all ingredients together and refrigerate. 


- add salsa instead of pickles and ranch
- add green olives or relish instead of pickles
- add cheddar instead of cojack

Alt use: Spread 1/3 cup dip on a tortilla, roll and slice for Kitchen Sink Pinwheels!

And hey - you can try the Keystone canned meat for yourself! Enter below to win 2 cans for free!

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Food Hussy Review: Green Chef Meal Delivery

Green Chef provided products free of charge but all opinions are my own.

I'm semi-obsessed with these meal delivery services - it's nice to not have to plan dinner - to just come home and have everything ready to go - just open the fridge and start cooking! 

This time I tried Green Chef - which is Certified Organic which means no synthetic pesticides, no GMOs, no artificial ingredients, no growth hormones and no antibiotics.

They have quite a few options for their menus - you can choose from the "normal" omnivore, carnivore, gluten-free, vegan, paleo or vegetarian. The prices are comparable to restaurants - ranging from $10.49 - $14.99 per meal per person. If you get 3 recipes - it's just under $90 for the "carnivore" version.

I chose three recipes and got a big box with a thick insulated blanket made of recycled materials on the inside.

Everything was labeled with color coded stickers so it was really easy to know which ingredients went with which recipe!

First up was the purple - BBQ Pork Meatballs - they also provide the side dishes to go with the meal which is nice. This had Yukon Gold mashed potatoes and a green bean slaw.

All the ingredients were fresh and portioned out - I just had to follow the directions and prepare.

I also go to try some new things - the coleslaw used these pickled green beans which I nearly didn't even have any left for the slaw - I was killing them! They're so crunchy and snappy - yum!

Here's the side by side - I think I did a pretty good job! Everything was easy to make and really big portions - this easily made two dinner portions and 1 lunch leftover.

 BBQ Pork Meatballs, Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes and Green Bean Slaw

Next up was the Rustic Italian Flatbread with Kale Salad. I am NOT a fan of kale - but this was baby kale so I was open to trying it. I also ended up keeping the plastic containers - they're handy for lunch packing. 

 This was a vegetarian recipe where you roasted mushrooms and onions - so that was easy peasy.

My snapchat explains my relationship with kale. 

This was interesting though - and something I would never think of - I mixed the kale with yellow bell pepper and this cannelloni bean mixture. The mixture had carrots, mashed beans and quite a few seasonings. I would never think to mix a bean mixture with a salad but it was really great! I think I liked that more than the pizza.

The pizza came together easily with flatbread, roasted red pepper sauce and then topped with the roasted onions & mushrooms and cheese. The amount of cheese they provided seemed like definitely not enough - but it was plenty! Portion control is really an issue for me and this helps that for sure.

Here's my finished kale & bean salad which I actually loved! It was really good. I wish I had the recipe for the bean mixture! 

 ...and my rustic flatbread! It was really good as well - something so simple but so good - throw it together and it's ready in 15 minutes! Love it

Last up - MORE KALE! Kale stuffed chicken with spaghetti squash. We've got chicken breasts, crushed sunflower seeds with an Italian spice blend, artichoke hearts, parsley, red kale, red onions & garlic, spaghetti squash, roasted red pepper sauce and fennel. (I hate fennel.)

I roasted the chicken breasts and the squash which was super easy - you just cut it in half - olive oil it up and bake.
 It's not really like spaghetti but it does come apart easily - I actually really like squash so I'm definitely game for it. I mean - I like it coated with butter and brown sugar - but this was good too.

And here's my Kale Stuffed Chicken with Spaghetti Squash - I mixed in the artichoke and red pepper sauce and liked it a lot! The chicken breasts were big too which saved room for leftovers.

All in all I definitely liked Green Chef - I'm not super frantic about the organic / non-GMO stuff but I liked it. The meals were all good and even though they send all the ingredients and recipes - you can still tweak and customize the way you like (eliminate the fennel). It's a bit pricey - but if eating organic is really important to you - it's probably comparable to what you're used to.

If you would like to give Green Chef a try - here's a link that will give you $50 off your first order! That's a pretty great deal to give it a try! Enjoy!